From the hemp plant to the finished MÁ piece
A lot of work goes into creating your favourite MÁ piece - and a lot of attention:

We’re involved in almost every production step. That way we can ensure that our standards in terms of quality and sustainability are met. Therefore we work with partners who take these matters just as seriously as we do. 

Fair working conditions

No human should be exploited. That‘s why – when choosing our partners – we make sure they guarantee: 

  • fair wages

  • fair working hours

  • no child labour whatsoever

  • working conditions that do not pose health risks

High quality workmanship

To guarantee high quality fabrics and make sure that design requirements and details are implemented, we pay a lot of attention to the choice of our partners. Even the choice of their suppliers is crucial in order to ensure high quality components (buttons, zippers etc.).

With partners who fulfill all these requirements, we take on the road to manufacture your favourite piece of clothing. This looks as follows:

Hamburg: from idea to design

The MÁ collections are designed in Hamburg.

The beautiful ‘hanseatic’ city therefore poses the beginning and ending of the creation of our pieces.

China: from plant to fabric

Odoo CMS – Beispielbild fließend

The fabrics for our collections are produced in China – in a textile mill in Qingdao, in the provice of Shandong – with a long standing tradition of textile production. They keep the millennia old tradition of hemp processing alive, advance it and refine it with the newest technologies. Our brand name ‘MÁ’ stands for exactly this combination of Chinese tradition and modern expertise.
In Qingdao the hemp is sourced from regional farmers, processed with organic ingredients, environmentally friendly production techniques and beyond that the textile mill supports social projects in their region. A partnership we’re really happy about!

Europe: from sewing and dyeing to the finished masterpiece

When the fabrics are ready they are transported to our manufacturing partners in Europe. By now we are working together with garment manufacturers in Portugal, Romania and Estonia. Portugal has a long history of high quality garment production and in Romania and Estonia, hemp fabrics have been in use for generations. This way, our garment production is not only close by but also in good hands.  

Odoo CMS – Beispielbild fließend

Beim Färben gibt’s für uns keine Grauzonen
Dyeing of fabrics is known to be the dirtiest part in the production of clothes. We’re avoiding being part of this problem right from the start.  
That’s why we know no grey areas: Our pieces are dyed according to the strictest requirements for sustainable clothing. This prohibits the usage of many chemicals for the dyeing process and require high standards for the following waste water treatment.

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