Hemp: Sustainable to its roots
Hanfpflanzen bieten eine unglaublich nachhaltige Grundlage für Kleidung - aber auch darüber hinaus geben wir alles um euch möglichst umweltschonende Produkte zu bieten.

Hemp: Sustainable to its roots

Maybe you already know that clothes made from hemp are sustainable. The reasons for this lie directly in the plant itself: rapid growth, deep roots and its chemical composition.  Practically this means:

No herbicides
Hemp has tap roots. This kind of root grows deep instead of broad. That‘s why it‘s possible for hemp plants to grow very close to each other. And this happens pretty quickly: hemp grows up to 4 metres in 3 months. The combination of these qualities mean that hemp naturally outgrows weeds/pest plants instead of needing to be sprayed with chemicals.   

No pesticides
Insects and other pests don‘t like the cannabiniods the hemp plant contains (no, THC is not contained in industrial hemp). Therefore hemp can usually be grown without the use of pesticides.

No artificial watering
Because of its deep roots hemp can reach deeper levels of soil than other plants and is therefore usually happy with natural rainfall and moisture stored in the soil.

Soil conserving
Every field would call itself lucky to have hemp growing on it. The deep roots loosen the soil and supplies it with nutrients. The root structure that‘s left after the harvest enriches the soil  with additional nutrients. Hemp can therefore be grown consecutively without deteriorating the soil.

Even though hemp is so self-sufficient it‘s a very high-yield plant. It produces a lot more fibres on a given surface than cotton. This is an important factor when it comes to sustainability, since farmlands are scarce and needed for other uses such as food production.

MÁ: Sustainable all the way

Sustainability is important to us. That‘s one of the reasons we fell in love with hemp. But we won‘t stop protecting our planet there. Throughout the whole process we make sure what we do is sustainable and environmentally friendly:

Sustainably dyed fabrics
Mass produced clothes are usually dyed with hazardous chemicals which – through improper wastewater treatment – go right into nature and with the fabric onto your skin. We won’t do that. Our clothes are dyed with environmentally friendly dye, where chemicals and wastewater treatment are closely monitored. This way nature and your skin are protected. 

Hardly any synthetic materials
Nylon, elastane, polyester, polyamide etc. – most pieces of clothing are made from or mixed with synthetic materials – so basically plastic. When they are washed or worn they lose fibres – micro plastic that pollutes our planet. On top of that fabrics that are mixed with plastic fibres cannot be recycled.
For these reasons we decided not to use synthetic fabrics or fabric mixes – except for cuff bindings in sweatshirts and sewing threads (where it‘s usually inevitable). Even our lables are made from cotton instead of nylon. Hemp deserves no less.

No plastic packaging
Single-use plastic is a huge problem of our time. One that we want to contribute to as little as possible. Therefore our MÁ pieces are all packed in paper. Even our adhesive tape is made from paper.   

Shipping with DHL GoGreen
To reduce the CO2 footprint of online shopping, we pay a little extra to offset the CO2 emissions that arise through shipping with DHL. This means: our products are shipped climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen.

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