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Discover the all the awesome features of hemp clothes 

Hemp clothing doesn‘t only have one good quality, but many. Hemp is a bast fibre – meaning the fibres extracted from the stem of the plant. And this brings a lot of advantages:

The hemp fibre is very strong: In comparison to other textiles, hemp withstands the highest amount of pulling weight. That‘s why they are very durable and don‘t tear easily. This means, that you‘ll be able to enjoy your hemp pieces for a long time (which just makes them even more sustainable).

One of the best qualities of hemp clothing: it‘s permeable to air. So when you‘re hot, the humidity will be transported from your skin. When it‘s cold, your body warmth will be kept in between the fibres because the air works like an insulation.

Hemp clothing has lots of natural compounds (polyphenols, amino acids, cannabinoids), that prohibit the growth of bacteria. As bacteria cause bodily odours, the advatange is clear: You and your MÁ clothing will stay fresh for longer. This naturally works best with 100% hemp clothing.

Another advantage of hemp clothing is that it‘s mild on your skin: The anti-bacterialproperties and lack of pesticides as well as herbicides make allergic reactions a rare occurrance.

The last good quality of hemp fabrics we‘ll talk about here is that it protects the skin from UV rays: in comparison to other fabrics it possesses the highest UV protection – better than cotton, nylon or polyester.

Why do we use mixed fabrics then?
Cotton is lighter and more elastic than hemp. Especially when it comes to t-shirts or sweatshirts,  hemp and (organic) cotton make a great match. Through the combination of the two fibres, you‘re getting the best of two worlds – it adds more variety to our MÁ collections and the fabrics feel great.

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