Our fabrics

When you hear the word hemp, you might be thinking rough and scratchy fabrics. As a matter of fact though, hemp feels incredibly comfortable and soft. The feeling is very close to linen and wears comfortably at all temperatures since hemp is both cooling and warming. On your skin, hemp will therefore always feel natural and comfortable. 

Natural material 

You can tell hemp’s natural traits from its character. The yarn has slight irregularities which give the fabric an original and crafted look. In times of mass produced and uniform looking fashion, MÁ clothes will give you a feeling of special and unique pieces.

MÁ fabric types

We use two types of fabrics:

Knit  55% hemp/45% organic cotton (T-Shirts & Sweatshirt)

Knit fabrics for T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are best used in a combination with cotton which will give you the benefits of both fabrics, the elasticity of cotton and the comforting feeling of hemp.

Woven canvas 100% hemp (pants, boxer shorts & bag)

Woven fabrics are just perfect with 100% hemp. You will be able to enjoy all the properties of hemp to the fullest.

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