Zur Zeit gibt es noch kaum biologisch zertifizierten Hanf. Durch diese Knappheit sind dessen Preise unglaublich hoch und wir müssten entsprechend auch unsere Produkte teuerer anbieten. Wir finden das sehr schade und sind andauernd auf der Suche nach biologisch zertifiziertem Hanf zu einem fairen Preis. Sobald wir fündig werden, werden wir uns freuen euch komplett biologisch zertifizierte MÁ Teile anbieten zu können. 

Why we are sustainable

Even though we don’t have certificates, we are sustainable in the choices we make:

  • We use hemp precisely because it is sustainable. In fact we don’t know of any material which is more sustainable.

  • We use GOTS certified dye, meaning no harmful chemicals are used in the further processing.

  • All cotton used in our fabric blends are OCS organic certified.

  • We manufacture in Portugal. Having manufacturing close allows to assure working conditions are good.

  • Our chinese fabric supplier is member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2011 and has their own foundation to support local projects.

  • We try to avoid synthetics and plastics as much as possible. All our clothing items are packaged in grass paper instead of plastic bags.

Getting hemp cultivation certified organic

Our hemp comes from small farmers in northern China who have been growing hemp without the use of harmful chemicals for decades. It is very costly for them to get their farming certified as organic which makes it difficult for them to understand the benefits of getting certified. They already know that hemp can be cultivated organically by default without a certificate. Our fabric manufacturer Hemp Fortex is however in the process of negotiating with farmers and convincing that the certification will allow consumers to see at a glance that the clothes containing their hemp are organic. Thus we are confident that certified hemp fabrics will be available soon and we canoffer you certified organic MÁ clothes.

GOTS certified garment dye

GOTS is the most comprehensive certificate in the textile industry. In order for a garment to be GOTS certified all its materials have to be certified organic and further processed according to GOTS standards (free of harmful chemicals, fair working conditions amm.). Since our hemp is not certified organic we can not use the GOTS certificate. Nonetheless our fabrics are dyed according to strict standards of GOTS which prohibits harmful chemicals, thorough water treatment and fair working conditions. We want to make clothes we are proud of and which respect the environment and the people. The highest standard dye is a part of that.

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